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Patricia Casellas Traducciones
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General translation

I personally handle translations from German, English and Catalan into Spanish. For all other languages I have a team of highly professional collaborators on hand who are specialised in those languages; because it's impossible to do everything and to do it well at the same time.

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Technical translation

Manuals, instructions for use, product catalogues, etc. Technical translations require a very precise use of language and should therefore not be entrusted to non-professionals. The quality of a product is also conveyed in the documents used to describe it.

Tourism translation

Brochures, guides, city routes, maps, etc. Helping tourists to discover more about the place they are visiting is a rewarding and enriching task. Using the right words is essential to help capture the nuances of the environment and the specific culture of each place.

Legal translation

Contracts, terms and conditions of sales and delivery, commercial agreements, rulings, etc. My experience in the field and my degree in Law provide me with the necessary tools to deliver professional and precise work that leaves no room for misunderstanding.

Reviewing and proofreading

The reviewing and proofreading process aims to improve the linguistic quality of texts. It involves thorough checking of each word, the grammatical consistency of each sentence, the orthographic and typographic conventions employed, and even the composition of the texts. .


Describing about our brand or company needn't be boring. As important as knowing what we want to say, is knowing how to say it as effectively and engagingly as possible. So don't undersell your brand or business - opt for quality texts.